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News Release

Byer Industries 100 Hillcrest Ave. — Cincinnati, OH 12345 — (111) 222-3333 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 10, 2021 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Grace Wakim Public Relations Director (123) 456-7890

Byer Introduces Revolutionary Health-Conscious Stimulant Pill

CINCINNATI ­— After four years of developmental research, Byer Industries crafted an energy pill that mimics caffeine’s favorable effects while excluding the harmful side effects, such as hypertension and jitters. Their NRGY (“energy”) pill is now available in drugstores nationwide.

Byer President Rayo Wilson IV developed NRGY after his brother-in-law suffered severe, long-lasting health conditions from substantial caffeine consumption.

“I made it my mission to help him and the millions of people who need energy but can no longer use coffee as that vehicle,” Wilson IV said. “I look at this pill as the answer to so many problems.”

More than than five million people preordered the NRGY pill that is proven safe for people 16 years or older who crave harmless caffeine-like effects that last approximately or up to 12 hours. NRGY sells in packs of six for $9.99 or packs of 12 for $18.99. NRGY may be ordered online at

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved NRGY in the summer of 2020, just four years after scientists at Byer began working on this stimulant pill. Senior clinical scientist Bruce Billman worked diligently throughout NRGY’s development and was a founding member of the research trial team.

“This pill is a miracle,” Billman said.

Over 500 volunteer patients participated in NRGY’s clinical trials. The majority of patients experienced little-to-no dangerous symptoms; only 2% of volunteers experienced tachycardia.

NRGY’s safe and effective results will help many curtail their coffee consumption by eliminating the negative implications of caffeine other leading stimulant products. The pill is easy to swallow and doesn’t taste horrible.

“I look at this pill as the answer to so many problems,” Wilson IV said.

Rayo Wilson Sr. established Byer Industries in 1899 in Cincinnati, Ohio. During FY 2020, Byer’s revenue surpassed $390 million, which was made possible by their staff of over 285 employees.

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